The Buzz Of Greed. Pablo Martínez Burkett

Azathoth (The Blind Idiot God)

I asked him what gods they worshipped in that city, and he said, "All those gods whom Time has not yet slain."
Lord Dunsany- Idle days on the River Yann

Pablo Martínez Burkett

The history was consistent but no less strange. Despite some minor symptoms of suffocation, the young man in handcuffs in the interrogation room seemed to be aware of his person, time, and space. After many years of service, Deputy Commissioner Gauna knew enough when someone held something relevant, and it hid something huge. While he let his staff take over the procedure and finish it, he was eager to verify the prisoner's account. There were two Randolph Whippoorwill, father and son, and both had gone crazy for the same reason. At first, the jailbird said he was a student, then secretary and, finally, executor of the will of Randolph Jr. He also claimed to have set fire to the house to contain the evil that was nesting in the blasphemous library. Naturally, the will had burned down. Gauna left the arsonist crying in the compound and went to the old mansion on Calle Juncal. What had not been consumed by the flames was destroyed by the water. Even so, the building maintained its sinister grace. The famous secret room where the forbidden books were buried had survived the assault of the flames.

The veteran officer was not a well-versed man, but when the local Nero confirmed that the missing copy of the Necronomicon was there, he realized that the piece had to be worth a fortune. Much more after knowing that the incendiary resolution was due to a testamentary executive order. Gauna began to rummage through the curls of the books only to discover that a bell jar had preserved the sacrilegious text. But before hiding it in his bag, he experienced an urgent temptation to read it. Nothing could stop it. Not even the trick that Borges had been blinded by doing what he was precisely about to do. In any case, everything was a mockery for him, much like his grandmother's prayers during his childhood, so he assumed he was Latino. Then, there was an annoying buzz. He looked around and saw nothing. When he returned to the book, he suddenly began reciting aloud a spell to awaken the ancient masters of the world and restore his reign of terror. The poor man could not understand that an absurd and invisible strength forced him to complete the rite. The buzzing became more intense, and then blood filled his mouth. The last thing he heard was the name of the numinous Azathoth.

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